Alek Vandervelde

Art Direction & Design

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The Blockchain has the potential to majorly impact the future. How majorly? Who’s to say?
Well, we are. Here are some ads from the year 2300 where Ethereum has made possible what we can only dream of today.


These travel posters published by the “Ministry of Space Travel” depict what we imagine one might see in the distant future. 

To draw attention to the ad, the placement consist of a set scene, surrounded by auxillary and more ambiguous ads allowing the viewer to step into a small part of a futuristic world. 

OOH / / 

These are public broadcast terminals that display messages to aid in the public’s understanding of Ethereum’s basic principles. These are cautionary messages with an emphasis on user error rather than highlighting faults in the blockchain (Ethereum) (because there are none). 

CW: Myles Lumb