Alek Vandervelde

Art Direction & Design

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Foot Locker

You don’t need to sell out an arena to be a legend. You don't need a statue or a national holiday to know you left a legacy. How you pull your pants above your waist before you grill to perfection.  Your meticulous planning for getaways and finding ways to finesse free beverages without breaking a sweat. The way you craft, shape and define your lawn. Staying in your lane is what makes you memorable. Your love for the grill, yard and the weekend is what takes you from unknown, to immortal. In a world where there are many places to run and even more things to be, staying true to yourself is how you leave a lasting legacy.  Whatever way you choose, stick with it.  Make it yours. Own it.  It’s the only way to Run Your Game.



For a limited time, exclusive to in-store purchases, Foot Locker will include a pre-rolled poster associated with the shoe model purchased.

Limited edition baseball card style inserts included in specific shoe model purchases. Each card would continue to dive into the specifics of what makes “you” great.  


Videos like this would exist on social reels and shorter versions would be cut to exist in the same space or other online mediums.

CW: Zeke Wariboko