Alek Vandervelde

Art Direction & Design

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Miyajima, Japan

There’s a place that can almost never be put into words, somewhere you have to feel. A world where nature transports you from your everyday perspective. There is only one way to articulate the experience of this place, through the language of one word phrases and haiku. This land puts you in touch with the spirit of its being and shows you a harmony with nature.




The Japanese language has a multitude of words that don’t exist in the English language. These words hold a vast amount of meaning and concise expression of particular emotions. To emphasize our concept, we try to emulate these “untranslatable words” through a collage of videography, shown on social media.

(Mono No Aware)

petals fall
people slip away
the sun will disappear each day
cherish them while they're here
a place you have to feel #WorldBeyondWords
(Kyoka suigetsuo)

some goals can never be reached
some of the most beautiful things will never be touched
the moon on the river is just a reflection
a place you have to feel #WorldBeyondWords

the taste of your grandmother's cooking
the sound of your favorite song in high school
a dream about someone you loved
a place you have to feel #WorldBeyondWords


Direct mailer design -  5x7, 10 page accordian style brochure.

This brochure highlights a number of popular sites in Miyajima that one is likely to experience. This is shown in a linear/story like fashion, starting with the ferry that initially brings you to the island, and ending with the summiting of Mt. Misen.


CW: Dana Gardener